Beer isn’t vegan you say? Well unfortunately not, or at least traditionally anyway. Many breweries (including us until very recently) use a product called isinglass containing dried fish bladder. This helps to clear the beer by attaching itself to the yeast and and therefore help to drop it out in cask, making your pint nice and clear. In theory anyway!

However, as the craft beer industry continues to grow, habits are changing and people are now well aware that a cloudy pint isn’t necessarily a bad pint. In fact, with the current trend for DIPAs and NEIPAs a bit of murk is now seen as a very good thing.

Also as we discover more about production methods, there are more and more ways to get the beer clear without having to add a poor deceased aquatic fella’s guts! A bit of patience and a decent chiller can help the majority of the unwanted stuff to drop out in tank and with other adjuncts such as Brewer’s Clarity increasingly available, we are starting to believe that isinglass is becoming a thing of a past.

So with all this in mind, here at Franks we have decided to remove isinglass from the process and therefore make all our beers vegan. We are doing this safely in the knowledge that we are not compromising quality, taste or clarity whilst making our beers even more accessible.

We are helping to support the ethical and environmental issues around veganism and many of the 1500 UK breweries are now doing the same.

Our Sussex friends Brighton Bier and Gun Brewery are both also completely vegan and we’re chuffed to be joining a great club.

Look out for Franks new vegan beers hitting the pumps and shelves from September onwards.