The Bagels

“I like bread and I bloody love beer” thought Anthony, MD of Bagelman, Brighton. “I know some fine chaps who make beer” said Chris from Crafted Crate, “let’s get down the Watchmaker’s Arms

And so Optimist was born. A beer greater than the sum of it’s parts brewed using left over bread, Optimist is on a mission to reduce bread and food waste in Brighton and Hove and beyond.

With all proceeds being ploughed back into the project we are now on our 5th brew with 2 different styles so far, a hoppy amber ale and a Belgian style wheat beer, a collaboration with the original bread waste crusaders, Toast.

So, where from here? As Bagleman’s bread waste reduces, look out for collaborations with other producers and new and novel ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

The Optimist sees the bagel and the pessimist sees the hole.

And here’s a short video about the project from the good people at 10:10 Climate Action.

If you’re a producer/restaurant or anyone else who has any ideas about collaboration, then please give us a shout – [email protected]