The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) South East Awards was held the Tonbridge Juddians Beer Festival in Kent last Saturday.

The South East is a real hot-bed for brewing. Traditionally there’s been been a real quality cask ale scene in Sussex and Kent and now with the rise of new heavily hopped craft breweries springing up in staggering frequency the competition for quality brews could not be tougher. It’s a testament to SIBA that they managed to create such a successful event celebrating the entire local ‘beer scene’ blurring the divisional lines of old.

These SIBA awards really are the ‘brewers’ awards. Publicans, suppliers, producers, brewers and drinks experts make up the distinguished blind tasting judging panel. SIBA really know there stuff when it come to the beer industry, it’s nigh on impossible to pull the wool over these guys eyes.

It’s with immense pride that Franklin’s English Garden 3.8% picked up the Gold standard award in the category of Cask Standard Bitters & Pale Ale sponsored by QCL Scientific.

Our English Garden remains our best seller and most celebrated beer – Golden colour with a rich hop aroma and a perfectly balanced smooth subtle palate – It’s the perfect all weather session ale. It’s the first original recipe beer that our head brewery produced on large scale at Franklins, goes to show that sometimes the oldies are the goodies!

Big shout out to all the competitors and winners – special mention to our mates at Langham and Gun for picking up the overall golds and Sussex had gongs throughout with Dark Star, Bedlam, Hammerpot and Longman all picking up prizes

Follow this link to see the full winners list –

SIBA Awards

Thank you SIBA and … cheers!