The Place

Franklins Brewing Co. – where to begin? The start probably!

Taken from the land crafted by the sea. Franklins Brew Co. est 2012, 5 years not out. Our pledge? To create great tasting beer accessible to everyone.

Independent Sussex brewers staying true to tradition but with a modern twist.

Born as cask conditioned ale specialists and now growing into craft lager and keg beer producers, Franklins are celebrating good beer that all can enjoy.

Community minded and always high spirited, we are currently involved in combating the growing problems of food waste by exploring every way to reduce our carbon footprint, from our collaboration with Bagelman to feeding the farm animals with our spent grain there is nothing we won’t consider to reduce waste.

We even grow our own hops! Eventually we hope to power our vehicles with bio-dynamic fuels and there are also plenty of other ideas bubbling away alongside the beer.

Our Tap Room is now open for brewery tours, parties, p*ss ups… anything you can think of really. Contact [email protected] for more information,

All at our new home in Ringmer, East Sussex


The Peeps

Steve and his assistant Paul make the magic happen on the farm. Gaffer Steve heads up the operation … in his brew brain we trust. Lots of cleaning and fixing things interspersed with the odd bit of brewing here and there!

Andrew/Coops sells the beer, delivers the beer, deals with all your needs and is generally the face of the brewery … and what a handsome face 😉

Tan takes pictures of beery things for Instagram and writes nonsense on Twitter!

Jamie is an extremely talented local artist and he draws all wonderful things Franklins.